Some Publications

Books, video and digital materials for learners of English as a foreign language

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NEW: 500 short video scripts for MyGrammarLab Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced (Pearson, 2012)
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ECS1cover ECS2cover ECS3cover English for Commercial Schools, for vocational secondary schools (Longman Egypt for the Egyptian Ministry of Education 2000-02, new edition 2009-11) LLwb and CD Language Leader Elementary Workbook & CD (Pearson Longman 2008; interactive version 2010) English for adults

Junior Comprehension engaging texts for young learners, and Comprehension with Lewis Lansford

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Libya3 Libya2 Libya4

English for Libya
Core units for Secondary 3 and 4; Science component for level 2; Engineering component for levels 3 & 4 (Garnet Education)
Really Useful English Idioms
(Penguin/FLTRP China)IdiomsforChina
MTAmistad Penguin Readers
Original and simplified readers; also edited 80 older Penguin Readers for relaunch in 2008
Spiders The Spiders, an original adventure story in simple English (Longman Egypt for the Ministry of Education) idioms

Touchdown 2, 3 and 4, an American English High School course with co-authors Jeremy Harmer and Olivia Johnston. Also versioned as Touchdown for Mexico (Longman)

OxGuideBritAmCult Oxford  Guide to British and American Culture: 10% contribution (OUP) GBvideo1 GBvideo2 Introducing Great Britain video script (Longman ELT Video) BritainToday Britain Today with co-author Richard Musman (Longman)
Profile1online Profile Online ‘Print and Go’ Lessons for Business English (Oxford University Press) Pal10 English for Palestine 10 and 11 – Teacher’s Books and teacher training materials (Macmillan) JunCompr1 TaiwanJunComp1 Chinese
Chinese editions of Junior Comprehension (Longman Taiwan) and (Jilin Press)